Simon barazin
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some wall paints

an Urban farm project planned in the shadow of the socia - economic crisis in Greece.

The building is used as a source of income and study for local immigrants and it also used as a “green lung” in the dense urban fabric of Athens.

Location: St. Aristomenous / Athens / greece

Laid by Konstantinos Labrinopoulos M.Arch of KLAB

ramat gan

ramat gan

Cube Morphology - Verticals residence without partitions - Studio 2 / Year 1 - living spaces that divided by floors instead of partitions + an option of installing and organize levels using the rail system that makes up the walls of the structure in order to keep the vertical flow of the space.

Residential project - studio 3 (year 2) - Parasitical expansion for low income families based on negotiation and social system dependent on the needs and ability of each family.